What a wild place we're in. When I first saw google maps 360 feature years ago I knew we were in for some fun. Now with the latest Red array custom 360 rigs to Lyrto's incredible technology its looking like its coming. When we created the Treehouses App project its goal was about immersion. How to get the viewer within the location, via video "guided tours" and custom made full 360xx360 (damn nadirs) viewed in either touch or compass mode (using devices accelerometer) I think we did a fairly decent job. However what is coming next is even better.


Before I go talking about a bunch of nonsense be sure that you check out LYTRO's stuff. This lightfield camera is simply incredible and a breakthrough in many regards. LYTRO LINK. Essentially by capturing all the light as pure data you can manipulate it post giving 4d depth to an otherwise 2d or 3d video .... Back to VR though....I've used practically all the Virtual headsets on and off the market, putting benchmarks to the grind. We're all a waiting for Moores Law to take into effect and jump everything up on the consumers end...it keeps getting better every year. Although with the ease of use of the E2ES VR cameras and systems there have been some problems with visual clarity (not enough pixels per sq inch & latency of 30fps needs to be 90fps+) and in an ecosystem that's fragmented, not all experiences are the same. There is no gold standard on asynchronous tracking. Having said all that I'm actually really optimistic and excited. Playing ocean simulators on a Gear VR gives you a feeling of being present...maybe its the brain differentiating it as cartoon and accepting the visual limitations. Watching 360 videos is hit or misss I think a lot having to do with not being TrueHD/4k standards quality and lacking in perspective positional awareness. Within the CGI world where restrictions are only limited by how many Nvidia TESLA/QUADs you have in your PC its a different story. I've been excited to play around both behind the scenes and within these worlds...Can't wait to share what our next project will be using......follow the light