Treehouse Masters is a show dear to my heart. I'm good friends with Pete Nelson, the host of the show, his wonderful family and the amazing crew. It is a show I helped create, and am featured, along with my brothers, in this episode.

It all started around 2010 when Pete came out to visit my treehouse for the first time.

Soon after, we began working on a variety of treehouse media, collecting content for a to be determined project. (the content ended up being primarily used for the TV show's pilot demo and in Treehouses App) It was about a year and half since we started creating content together, when Pete was contacted by what was then a relatively small production company based out of LA wanting to make the show. I  hopped on board to help him, and the company, create the pilot and demo for what was originally called Treehouse Men. Nearly all of the video footage for that original show was from my previously collected footage, as well as my filming for that episode. A couple of my scenes to this day are still in the intro of every show, now well past its first season.

For the pilot we filmed in a couple locations in the Seattle area, in Trinidad and San Simeon. The Trinidad build site was an amazing. It had a old restored barn turned home on the property and standing yards away were these absolutely massive red woods. As I recall you could even glimpse an ocean sunset from the very top! They would later finish this treehouse on another episode.

San Simeon was another really cool area to build on. It reminded me a lot of the Scottish Highlands. Perhaps that is why William Hearst decided to build the Hearst castle in this area of California; his great grand father was Scottish and Irish.

From the ratings of 1.5 million viewers per episode of Treehouses Masters on Animal Planet, and the same figures on The Discovery Channel, the executives had a sharp eye, and we're here today with the great show Treehouse Masters!  Pete, my brothers and I, continued working together on our app. When we finally released it, it was featured on an episode. It was a tough tango to navigate with the show's story structure already in place, but we found a good way to give a shout out to the Treehouses App and do a nice little repair on our treehouse. That and having a couple of well deserved off-air drinks! It was fun being on the opposite side of the camera. The shout out turned out to be quite good too, and was enough to take it to the #1 app in our category in several countries.