The Tree Top Tavern started as some simple sketches and was not intended to look exactly like it does now. Somehow the daily changes during our construction turned out to create this. We did, nonetheless, always intend for it to be a place for good friends to gather. In the video below you can see scenes from a couple of different parties.

This is one of my initial sketches of the interior...I didn't get the dimensions right, but it ended up still being fairly similar.

The place has a full bar, keg on tap, fireplace,14ft high ceilings and secret rooms; a mix of electronics and medieval fantasy. All the lights have black light replacements with a good deal of lasers and LED's should the need arise to turn up the volume.

Most days the place is setup more as a study or as a workspace, but on occasion we'll set up for celebrations.

In this photo we've got 4 player co-op setup. The TV in the loft is also linked to the ones downstairs.

We've had a good deal of people visit, but recently World Cup-Olympic goalkeepers Kasey Keller and Marcus Hahnemann dropped on by for some drinks and to party. It was a great time, and also pretty funny to see one of their instagram photos being analyzed by the press. Link