McAfee's marketing and video department needed content for a national security conference, as well as for internal distribution. The series of videos my team and I made ended up being so successful that the CEO ended up having us package them up for a company- wide shared keynote video.

The idea for one of the videos was created by a couple of McAfee VP's. They had written an entire script and setting for a video. We made the story come to life with the help of two great actors, Tony Doupe and Jason Adkins... and the help of craft services haha.

This was not the final version, but my directors cut of "The Situation." I added a new song and cut a few lines of dialog.

This animation video was created to be used with an IMAX sized anamorphic screen at their Las Vegas presentation.

Another animation video in a completely different style with many thanks to Drew Christie.

We also traveled to the Bay area for another video, and to film the seniors in command at McAfee. In this video, called Security 2016, we were to highlight what the coming threat landscape is, and how their company is prepared for it. We filmed at their headquarters and at a company retreat in Monterey. The sun and ocean breeze in Monterey... perfect for the hurry up and wait part of production.