This was a cool commercial project to work on for Leap, a new startup transportation company based in San Francisco. With unique aesthetics, amazing design,and great UX, they're completely redesigning the bus system. The video I made with them has made quite the splash. It has been featured on The Washington Post, Fox, CNN, Tech Crunch and the Verge and has over 200k views.

The production was lot of fun to work on. With a relatively laid back approach...especially on the comfortable bus, everything panned out as planned, other than two days where the weather didn't cooperate. In between shooting, I enjoyed managing data on their coffee-style desk. It's really an awesome feeling getting work done while on the move. For this video, I decided to give the combo A7s/Shogun a go, and shot in 4k slog2 and cine profiles which output some incredible colors for a sub 10k system. Even though it was still only 8bit, the 4k gave me that extra bit of latitude in Davinci to push the flavors. 

I'd have to say one of the highlights of the shoot was after one of the days of filming where everyone went to a Chinese restaurant downtown called Fang. Family style food served sizzling hot after a full shooting day :)

Plenty of interesting locations we filmed at and off, but one in particular stood out. Thiel Capital, right next to Industrial Light and Magic and Lucas Films, had a amazing bay view and the interior was filled with awesome sci-fi matte paintings. Great views indoors and out.