Fire Dog - this project came to be from a fire (started by propane malfunction on a BBQ) engulfing an entire home leaving the dog and his owner separated. Alerting the fireman of the situation, they by either chance or by grace found the puppy hiding under the mattress. A Tempur-pedic one. Link

When Tempur-pedic heard the story they wanted to share it along with helping out.... via giving back to both the family who lost their house and the fireman who saved the day.

Tempur-pedic provided a new dog mattress for the dog and via the family provided new mattress's to all the fire dept in surrounding area to say thanks.

For this project I was a shooter along with my buddy Kent for the creative agency in LA. It was fun working with their creative team that included Tracy Chapman, who had surprisingly been one of the main producer behind 15 yrs of MTV's Real World...he had plenty of wild stories!

Sometimes you just need a stand