When I heard Distractify a top 10 viral site with 25million unique monthly visitors needed my help with launching their new series I was excited to hop on board. Randomness is typically is not my forte, however in this case the opportunity for sharing creative ideas as well production expertise seemed like a fun visit.

Austin was much different than a typical workspace environment . With so many wild concepts, original ip, and reddit posts being thrown around, everyday brought in something unique.

During the time on site I helped out on various videos and on establishing their processes. For a primarily mobile based platform about trending content. It was essentially about turn around and how to eliminate inefficiencies. A tough tango anyone in production is familiar with; the dance of schedule, cost and quality.

I worked from pre-to-shoot-to-post-to-deliverables with a cool team. One that particularly stood out was a dog named Max that would literally sit in a chair, at his desk, with a sweater per usual and as casual as ever. I think he has some graphics in the works for me.

Late night tacos at Velvet Taco's...be sure to check out if in that area.