Traveling to an island on a ferry, ocean breeze blowing, visiting a newly constructed treehouse. Arriving on the property, I am greeted by multiple Tesla cars, Chinese and Indonesian temples, sanctuaries, and art galleries all overlooking the ocean and Olympic Mountains...what a place! This new addition to their grounds is actually in the trees and being built by my friends David Geiesen of Wild Tree Woodworks and Michael Murray of BareFoot Builders, among others. After helping document part of the construction, we sat down to have lunch, a delicious veggie burger. This one didn't tasted like cardboard; they knew how to do it right! Same goes with the treehouse, it is turning into what will be another great escape just for the owner. As with most of the structures on the property, it gets much of its inspiration from many Asian and Indian cultures, including the incredible attention to handmade details. A fiery fresh cut ceder ramp leads to a large room which will be the office. Another outpost is currently being built, which will house a bedroom overlooking a pond. Perhaps fishing off the bedroom window? Or perhaps a sushi from the nearby ocean. I think I'm getting hungry haha (Update coming soon :)