The Burl is quite something. It stands in a massive old growth fir which stretches well over 100 ft, and with a hidden ladder, you can nearly get to the top. In this photo, you can see two of the landings the ladder leads to, however that is only the beginning. The final accent requires a safety harness and takes you to the ultimate look out tower! The actual structure itself is hardy one, with 2 floors, a bedroom, bathroom, and plenty of windows for hearing the birds chirping and river rushing. It even has another minimalistic deck if you are seeking to relax and not climb hundreds of feet up. We had the good fortune to film here during the construction for a Treehouse Workshop video. The construction was very interesting, a mix of materials including the 25ft+ metal bridge supports, meant this treehouse did not only need expert carpenters and engineers, but professional welders too! This is one magical, not so little hideaway. (I'll be adding more photos soon:)