Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest is an interactive app filled with photos, videos, and magical 360° tours that I directed, produced and created along with my brothers and friends. We worked closely with Pete Nelson of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel's television show Treehouse Masters to create this unique experience. The app has become the #1 iPad app in the books category in several countries including the US, UK, Netherlands, Norway, and many more. As well as made it into the top 100 grossing app sales category in the US App Store.


Treehouses App was featured internationally on both The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet

Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest Review

"The real-life Rivendell awaits in an app that captures the arboreal awesomeness that exists, not in Middle Earth, but within the borders of the United States.

Occurring like magical outposts of the imagination, the six spectacular structures that are lovingly profiled within this tidy and well-organized app demand to be experienced. And thanks to wonderfully produced videos, carefully shot photos and immersive 360-degree panoramas, they are. Cameras slowly rise up retractable ladders and carefully bend around planked walkways, perfectly mimicking what it must be like to explore the Hermitage, Treetop Tavern, WC Ranch, Heidi’s, the Free Spirit Spheres and Jack’s Treehouse in person. The verdant forests of cedar, fir and maple that cradle these architectural wonders almost seem tangible, the rough bark right there on the other side of the touch screen’s smooth glass. But the virtual endeavor is only one aspect of the overall experience. This is an app that earnestly and enthusiastically encourages the ultimate form of interactivity. Its creators fully anticipate that the treasures to be found nestled in the Pacific Northwest will compel some to look at the timber standing outside their own backyard windows and wonder about the possibilities. In addition to putting the forest in your hands, the app includes expert tips on building your own treehouse, as well as the blueprints for replicating each of the remarkable treetop dwellings discussed. Construction details, in fact, prove to be just as fascinating as the finished product, and they are treated with the same importance. The creators are passionate about treehouses, and that dedication and attention to detail is evident in the simple and seamless navigation and well-conceived content. 

A splendid gateway to the world of treehouse building that just might inspire users to take a crack at creating a little wonderment of their own." Kirkus Reviews

Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest Won Best App of LA New Media 2015

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