My imagination has always run wild - from stories of other worlds and lands...to my own projects.

I work as a cinematographer and editor...direct and consult on productions along the west coast - believe very much in the entrepreneurial spirit, love Ted Talks and welcome any movie with Bill Murray in it.

In my free time outside the film and tech, I find it refreshing to create things with your hands. Step away from the screens and into another element for inspiration. This particular spot my brothers, friends and I built. We were looking to design a creative workshop that might fit within Tolkien's world - to give ourselves a space where we could help fuel our own creativity and a getaway for friends to gather. This is our go to meeting location and one of many of fun concepts come to life.

For collaborations & work contact me at michael.p.victor@gmail.com

Made in Seattle

Work  Featured/ Discovery Channel, Microsoft, BBDO, CNN, FOX, Animal Planet, Tech Crunch, The Verge,  Washington Post, Ford, Intel McAfee, MSN