This past year has been filled with plenty of great trips, but these 2 stood out from among the rest. Having been to LA quite a bit, this time was particularly special - our app was in the LA's New Media Festival - a festival we ended up winning. I concluded things at this event with a talk on where I see the future of new media. Always good to know you're on the edge. Another always highlight, was watching our footage on the big screen.

Afterwards I had the good fortune of visiting my friend's place that he was finishing building. It's a hearty castle like home nestled neatly in the hills overlooking downtown. 

I am a big fan of both building and architecture, so this was especially nice to see. I've also gotta say, as incredible as he is in his primary art form, it was still surprising to hear he designed the house himself...a design that was turning into another masterwork. If I wasn't going to build another hobbit hole or Norse ship turned home from skyrim, I could definitely find myself here. The main room is just shy of being both large and high enough for full court basketball game.  Additionally the clean aesthetics could be useful to help clear the creative mind.

In Santa Monica and further at Venice I sometimes feel like a GTA tourist. Moving down along the coast, visiting close friends, hitting waves, climbing the stairs...there was one beach in particular called "thousand steps" well worth the walk and splash.

Korean BBQ you can't go wrong - especially when your buddies wife is fluent :) 

Austin rooftops to reclaimed shipping containers, I felt like I could be in SodoSoPa ... although I have to say, I really enjoyed the place. Having never been to Texas before - you can't go wrong with southern hospitality!

When late sessions were complete for Distractify, I ended up spending much of the free time hopping around exploring Texas. I found that it would be easier to get lost without mts for orienteering...nonetheless always found the rope swings!

Dallas had some real arboreal wonders. Some of the sturdiest ash, oak, and elms I had yet to find. I felt a bit like I was always looking to the sky.